Hatton Garden Diamond Merchant - Social Media Management and Monthly Newsletter

London's prestigious Hatton Garden district, a renowned diamond merchant faced a challenge familiar to many businesses in the luxury jewellery market: standing out from the crowd and attracting new clientele. While their reputation for exquisite diamonds and exceptional service was well-established, their online presence lacked the engagement needed to capture the attention of new potential high-end customers.


The Innovation:

The Challenge: The diamond merchant approached CDM Marketing with the following objectives: Elevate Brand Awareness: Increase brand recognition and establish themselves as a leading authority in the luxury diamond market. Enhance Online Presence: Develop a more engaging and dynamic online presence that reflects the quality and craftsmanship of their diamonds. Attract New Clientele: Expand their customer base by reaching new audiences interested in luxury jewelry.



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SMM & Email Campaign

Start Date:

2 June, 2023

End Date:

22 December, 2023


SMM, Email Marketing, Monthly Newsletter


The Solution:

The Solution: To achieve these goals, CDM Marketing crafted a multi-faceted social media and email campaign strategy specifically tailored to the diamond merchant's target audience. Social Media Strategy: Content is King: We curated captivating social media content that showcased the breathtaking beauty and intricate craftsmanship of the diamonds. High-quality photos and videos captured the sparkle and brilliance of each piece, transporting viewers into the world of luxury diamonds. Expertise on Display: Informative social media posts delved deeper into the world of diamonds, educating audiences on various cuts, clarities, and origins. This not only established the diamond merchant's knowledge and expertise but also fostered trust and credibility with potential customers. Targeted Audience: By leveraging social media advertising platforms, we ensured the content reached relevant audiences with an established interest in luxury goods. This laser-focused approach maximized the campaign's impact. Interactive Engagement: To further incentivize interaction and build a community, we implemented social media contests and giveaways, offering users the chance to win stunning diamond pieces. This strategy not only generated excitement but also encouraged user-generated content, further amplifying the brand's reach.

The Impact:

Email Campaign Strategy: Segmentation is Key: We recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach wouldn't suffice. To deliver a truly personalized experience, we segmented email lists based on customer interests and purchase history. This ensured that each recipient received relevant and engaging content. Targeted Newsletters: We crafted personalized email newsletters featuring new diamond arrivals, exclusive promotions, and educational content tailored to each segment's interests. This kept customers informed about the latest offerings while nurturing their desire for exquisite jewelry. Rekindling the Flame: We didn't forget about inactive subscribers. Targeted re-engagement campaigns were developed to win back those who hadn't interacted with the brand in a while. This maximized the effectiveness of the email marketing efforts and ensured no potential customer was left behind. The Outcome: The combined social media and email campaign strategy proved to be a resounding success. Social media engagement soared, leading to a significant increase in followers and qualified leads. The informative content and targeted advertising solidified the diamond merchant's reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable authority in the luxury diamond market. The personalized email approach yielded impressive results. Measurable growth in email open rates and click-through rates demonstrated the effectiveness of the targeted content. Exclusive promotions and personalized recommendations through email marketing ultimately boosted sales, solidifying the campaign's success. By harnessing the power of social media and email marketing, CDM Marketing transformed