Liquid Rubber - 3D Character Moose Designed in Blender

Liquid Rubber is a renowned Canadian company providing roofing supplies. The project objective was to create a 3D character "Moose" that would serve as the brand mascot for Liquid Rubber, aiming to enhance brand recognition and customer engagement through various marketing campaigns.


The Innovation:

Designing a character that embodies the brand's values and appeals to a wide audience. Ensuring the character could be easily animated for multiple uses, including talking and expressing emotions. Creating a unique and memorable design that stands out. CDM Marketing utilised Blender to develop the 3D character Moose. The character was designed to be: Ever so slightly cartoon-like as per the client's video reference. Fully rigged, including full-body rigging and facial rigging to enable the character to talk, move its head and walk etc.



Liquid Rubber


3D Model Creation

Start Date:

16 October, 2023

End Date:

26 October, 2023


Blender, Company 3D Mascot


The Solution

We collaborated with Liquid Rubber’s marketing team to understand their vision for Moose, ensuring the character design aligned with their branding strategy. We created several concept sketches, followed by detailed 3D modeling in Blender. The character was designed to be visually appealing and easy to animate. We developed a fully rigged character with both body and facial rigging. Created short animations to showcase Moose’s potential in various scenarios, delivering MP4 files with green screen backgrounds for easy integration.

The Impact

The creation of the Moose character exemplified CDM Marketing's ability to translate a client’s vision into a dynamic and engaging 3D character.